Galax-cat Hana

Brontti Winchester of Galax-catCH Brontti Poodle BoyCH Sandypaws Blueprint of BronttiGC, RW Grovewood Route 66 of Sandypaws
CH Sandypaws Bahama Breeze
Brontti Millie D’AmoreCH Sandypaws Chief Manyletters
Brontti Paris Sunningdale
CH Brontti Liza Stepping OutCH Brontti Charm Friar TuckCH Chamagoura Versace of Cellini
Gallacattery Sabrina
CH Brontti Zahra BellaGC, RW Brontti Golden Boy Hugo
GC Karabel Hazel Nut-Tee of Bronnti
Galax-cat RoseKarabel’s Toblerone of Galax-catCH Loralyn’s Dream Maker of KarabelGC Loralyn’s Dream Lover of Fullmoon
CH, PR Loralyn’s Sassy Salsa
CH Karabel’s Surprise Party GC Karabel’s Inkling
CH Karabel’s Sheeza Babe
CH Purrpal’s Snickerdoodle of Galax-catGC Laureden Cookie Cutter of PurrpalsGC Compri  Augustine  of Laureden
GC, RW Laureden Strike a Rose of Artemis
CH Purrpals Hannah MontanaPurrpals Rip Van Winkle
CH Laureden Ya-Ya Sister of Purrpals