GC Purrpals Thomas of Galax-cat

CH Purrpals RumblekatCH Purrpals AndalusianGC, NW Jetset Tennessee Walker of PurrpalsGC Purrpals Victory of Laureden
GC, RW Jetset Wild Blue Yonder, DM
GC Laureden Inspiration of PurrpalsGC Artemis Stardust Memory of Cinema
GC Laureden Magically Delicious
GC Laureden Honor of PurrpalsGC Compri Augustine of LauredenGC Compri Sand In My Shoes of Laureden
CH Compri Hakada Doll
GC Laureden Elizabeth of WynsomwoodGC Catsafrats Upstart
CH Sandypaws Lauren
Purrpals Sapphire AngelGC, NW Jetset Tennessee Walker of PurrpalsGC, RW Jetset Wild Blue Yonder, DMGC Purrpals Hercules
CH Jetset Miss Texas of Purrpals
CH Sandypaws Precious CargoCH Teahs Jesse
CH Jetset’s Bye-Bye
CH Sandypaws Lola of PurrpalsCH Sandypaws Buzz LightyearCH Sandypaws Solar Eyes
CH Sandypaws Precious Cargo
Sandypaws MayflowerCH Sandypaws Boo
CH Hadakat Ultra Violet of Sandypaws